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Fast, accurate, detailed estimates. Project planning and installation services using the best teams and most innovative technology available to ensure excellence and efficiency.

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Quick answers and professional expertise to guide you through the insurance claims process and to help you address the annoying and unexpected with minimal effort.

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With the wisdom of the Dad you wish you had - our extensive professional expertise gives you solid advice and smart options for solving your roofing issues.

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General contractor services to manage your project. We streamline the selection and installation of products from the best quality suppliers and subcontractors on the market.


The founder of Rooftop Heros, Mike Dalsin, grew up in the roofing business, with a family roofing legacy dating back to 1912. His family helped create the standards for roofing by serving in leadership roles within professional roofing Associations and producing the Architectural Details catalog.This publication was a valuable resource for information on roofing products trusted by professionals for many generations. John A. Dalsin Roofing was started by Mike’s great-grandfather and it is still one of the most successful commercial roofing companies operating today! Mike has worked in the roofing industry for more than 30 years and brings his extensive experience and knowledge as a roofing professional and a general contractor to your home roofing needs!


Eric Olson

Mike Dalsin and Rooftop Hero did an outstanding job on my home! They replaced my roof and the siding on 2 sides of my house after hail damage. The work was exceptional, but they really went the extra mile in working with my insurance company, making sure the job was done correctly, quickly and cleanly.Great experience from start to finish, can't recommend them for your job highly enough.

Gary & Kelley Pankake

When we were in need of a new roof, we got estimates from a handful of different companies. Mike's company competed not only on price, but we got a superior product and experience. He's just a great and honest guy to deal with. He even made a suggestion to try more of an architectural shingle and helped us with our color selection and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome! He communicated well with each step of the process and his guys were very neat and did a great job. I would recommend anyone in need of a new roof to consult with Mike, you'll be glad you did.

Molly Doyle

I've been working with Mike on my roofing and gutter replacement project. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I will recommend Rooftop Hero to all my fiends!

Hero of the month

I couldn’t have chosen a better right hand to support my customers.I have known Reynol since 2007 and have come to trust him as an absolute expert in roofing and as a friend. He always does what he says he will do and manages any issues to ensure total satisfaction. One time, a team member scratched a piece of siding.  Most guys might have hidden it but he didn’t. He brought it to my attention so we could address it for the customer. It’s that kind of integrity that I want by my side to make sure my friends and customers are taken care of. 

Why Rooftop Hero?

Yes, it is kind of a funny name! But we are a funny kind of company - built upon that innate desire we all have to be helpful and with a goal of celebrating the joy found in everyday life! 

We celebrate the hard work done by the roofing crew, often in the worst of weather conditions! And we appreciate the customers we meet who share their stories and their trust in us! From the single mom struggling with breast cancer to the old man who has been patching that same leak for 15 years - everyday we are inspired by our customers and by the difference the Rooftop crew can make! We look forward to sharing the stories of these everyday heroes with you through our Hero program! 

Who needs a Hero?

Do you want to be a hero? You can be! 

When you work with us, we turn around and donate our time and hard work to our community! For every 20 roofs we do, our Rooftop Team gets to choose a customer to get free labor for their roof! 

Know someone who needs a roof? Click the button below to send us an email about the the person you are nominating to receive free labor for their roof (please also include their full name and phone or email).

Tell us their story and let us know how we could help! 

Tell us their story!

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